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Michael Quinn

Nerd dad who spends way too much time thinking about statistical computing, face-punching and other adventurous things.

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About Me

Although I’ve been a lot of things over the last few years, I’ve recently settled on being a Data Scientist. I have a MSc in Statistics from UIUC, which I finished in 2015. Before then, I lived in Kazakhstan for a long time, exploring some unusual places and seeing things most people don’t.

In that time, I visited three different continents, changed careers multiple times and received a degree from the former Higher Party School of the SSRK. It’s since been renamed, but my Soviet-style degree is one of my most prized possessions.

I’m writing this blog as part of a larger project to publish previous work and improve my analytic skills. I’ve come across a lot of interesting problems over the last few years, and I want to push my coding abilities to present model, clean and functional solutions. In that regard, my code makes heavy use of the Hadley-verse in R, along with lots of composition with the magrittr pipe. Posts will go up irregularly, but not so rarely that people start to worry about me.

Please feel free to contact me with compliments, criticisms or consulting offers (especially the latter!), and feel free to explore my other github projects. Thanks for reading!